NBTC, TRUE and DTAC Clear the Air over False News on Amalgamation

The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) has addressed today’s issue over the amalgamation of TRUE and DTAC that was reportedly earlier that the subcommittees voted against the deal by saying that the claimed report was not true.

NBTC noted that the final consideration of subcommittees is still progressing and would go through several processes before being finalized. 


The report of subcommittees rejecting the deal, though NBTC has the final say, caused the share price of both Total Communication Public Company Limited (SET: DTAC) and True Corporation Public Company Limited (SET: TRUE) to plunge sharply at the opening bell of the afternoon trading session. 

DTAC plunged as much as THB4.50 or 9.52% to trade at THB42.75 per share. TRUE fell as much as THB0.58 or 11.98% to trade at THB4.56 per share. Both stocks erased some losses as the session progressed as DTAC closed 5.29% lower at THB44.75 per share and TRUE at THB4.54 after falling 6.20%.


Later today after the market closed, DTAC and TRUE also issued a statement with a claim that the report was not true and the amalgamation is still under consideration by the NBTC.

Mr. Trairat Viriyasirikul, Deputy Secretary-General Acting Secretary-General of the Office of the NBTC, also gave an interview with the media in the afternoon of 22nd July 2022 and confirmed that this news was not true and he had not received the detailed results from the study of the four subcommittees yet.