ORI Expects Record-High Revenue in 2022 with 13 New Project Launching in 4Q

Mr. Peerapong Jaroon-ex Chief Executive Officer of Origin Property Public Company Limited (SET: ORI) said earlier that in the 9 months from January to September 2022, the company sold the housing estates and condominiums accumulated a total of 29,398 million baht, which increased by 28% YoY. That amounts to 84% of the target of 35,000 million baht, including housing estates at 27% and condominiums at 73%, and the number of ready to move projects at 48% and the projects under construction at 52%.

The CEO said that ORI is preparing to launch new projects in the fourth quarter of 2022, totaling 13 projects amounting to 14,950 million baht, including condominiums (7 projects worth 8,600 million baht) and housing estates (6 projects worth 6,350 million baht). The company is confident that the projects will receive positive feedback from customers and will be able to boost its total revenue to break its target of 35 billion baht before the year’s end, marking another all-time high for the company.