‘Inter Pharma’ Invests THB400 Million to Acquire 50% Stake in Nakhon Patana Hospital

Inter Pharma Public Company Limited (IP) announced on November 3 that the resolution of the board of directors meeting on November 2, 2022, No. 8/2022, approved Inter Wellness Company Limited (a subsidiary) to purchase the shares of Nakhon Patana Company Limited in the proportion of 50% of the registered capital issued and paid-up by Nakhon Patana. 

Nakhon Patana Hospital is a private hospital that has provided general patient care services by specialized doctors with expertise in various diseases such as cardiovascular disease, bone and joint disease, neurological diseases, etc. 

The share price of Nakhon Patana Company Limited, which the company will purchase in proportion to 50%, is equal to 400 million baht.

The acquisition of the hospital business with the company’s business goals, which aim to operate a business related to health more comprehensively. To extend the company’s business operations, which are starting with the pharmaceutical and drugstore businesses as well as the hospital businesses.