JMART Invests in “De Siam” to Step Up as No.1 Antiques and Fine Art Platform in SEA

Jay Mart Public Company Limited (SET: JMART) informed that on November 10, 2022, at the board of directors’ meeting No. 11/2022, the company’s board approved the company’s investment in De Siam Antiques and Fine Art Co., Ltd. (De Siam), a newly set up company, and will complete the establishment of the company within 2022.

The investment share of 30,000 shares represents 30% of the total number of shares with voting rights. The business type of selling antique products includes dealers of antiques, fine art, antique furniture, antique and fine art platforms, including auctions.

The De Siam business model would use technology, the Blockchain platform, and NFT to create sales channels for the sale of antiques, fine art, and art-related products to promote De Siam as “The 1 SEA Antiques and Fine Art Platform,” or the Southeast Asian trading platform for antiques and fine art.