PTT, with Respect for Human Rights, Will Continue to Support Sustainability Practices in Myanmar

PTT Public Company Limited (SET: PTT) in a letter to the Stock Exchange of Thailand and investors clarified that the company’s business operations, both PTT’s own operations and investments through subsidiaries, have complied with sustainability practices which includes the environmental dimension, the social dimension, and the governance dimension by integrating human rights principles throughout the company’s supply chain from comprehensive examination, managing, promoting, protecting, and respecting human rights to comply with international practices stringently. PTT focuses on building good relationships and balancing with all stakeholders.

As such, for all investment considerations, PTT is in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations with intensive due diligences of related parties.

Respect for human rights is one of the PTT Group’s most fundamental practices and PTT is deeply concerned about the atrocities committed in Myanmar following the 2021 coup, speaking out in favor of a peaceful resolution to the crisis and strictly comply with the international practice in all operating areas, and continuously monitoring the situation closely in order to enhance the decision making process and management to ensure that such investments support the Sustainable Development Goals and increase the potential for equal access to energy sources.

PTT also expressed its concerns and hoped the situation in Myanmar would be resolved soon.