Prima Marine Pcl Joins Hand with “Nathalin Co.” to Provide Information Tech Management Service

Prima Marine Public Company Limited (SET: PRM) announced that the board of directors No.16/2022 on December 22, 2022 has passed the resolution to approve the company entering into the Information Technology Management Service Agreement and Human Resources Management Services Agreement with Nathalin Company Limited, a major shareholder and controlling person of PRM. 

The transaction date is within January 2023. The company will engage Nathalin Company Limited to provide information technology management services (IT & ERP Management Services) and human resources management services (HR Management Services) for a period of 1 year from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022. Nathalin Company Limited will provide recommendations, advice, supporting, and assistance to the company.

The company shall pay Nathalin Company Limited a services fee of 24,001,752 Baht for 1-year of IT & ERP Management Services and 8,744,472 Baht for 1-year of HR Management Services, for a total of 32,746,224 Baht, divided into monthly payments.