Keystone Pipeline to Cushing Back to Service, TC Energy Says

TC Energy Corp said that its Keystone crude oil pipeline to Cushing has already restarted its service after a 21 day outage.

“The Keystone Pipeline System is now operational to all delivery points,” the company said, while operating “with additional risk-mitigation measures, including reduced operating pressures.”

The pipeline was closed on December 7 after the spill of 14,000 barrels. That was the biggest U.S. spill in nine years, and decreased the flow of crude oil to Gulf refineries for the 622,000-barrel-per-day (bpd) pipeline.

Meanwhile, the cause of the spill remains unannounced by the company.

TC Energy said that it could not inform the exact flow rates and volumes on the pipeline, and said that any decision to increase operating pressure on the Cushing section will be made together with an approval from PHMSA (Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration).

Under the corrective action terms of PHMSA, TC energy has to operate at 20% lower pressure once it returns to service after the spill until further approval to increase the flow.

The pipeline has had 12 major incidents in many years, according to Pipeline Safety Trust, a watchdog group.