ALL Inspire Development Books THB480 Million after Disposal of Assets

All Inspire Development Public Company Limited (mai: ALL) announced on Thursday that the company has disposed of assets and terminated the company’s subsidiaries. The details are as follows:


First, the disposition of all ordinary shares held by the company in Real Lasalle 17 Company Limited (REAL LASALLE), a subsidiary of the company, in the amount of 9,997 shares, at a par value of 100 baht per share, representing 99.98% of the registered capital.

The paid-up capital of REAL LASALLE to Real Asset Development Company Limited (REAL ASSET or purchaser) at the offering price of 100 baht per share, the total purchase price is 999,700 baht. 


Second, disposition of land and residential condominiums construction project of The Excel Lasalle 17 (under construction), which is located at Bang Na subdistrict, Bang Na district, Bangkok Metropolis.

That is one plot of land, title deed no. 3742, with a total land area of 4 rai 3 ngan 62 square wah referred to as the “Land of the Lasalle 17 Project.”


After the company has transferred all shares in REAL LASALLE to REAL ASSET, the company will transfer the land of the Lasalle 17 Project to REAL LASALLE (which will be a company in which the purchaser holds 100% of the shares).

The total purchase price is 480,000,000 baht, which is higher than the appraisal price. The appraisal price of the land of the Lasalle 17 Project, which was appraised by an independent appraiser approved by the SEC, is equal to 457,000,000 Baht.