Primo Service Solutions Forms a JV to Run Furniture Business and Develop Retail Shops

Primo Service Solutions Public Company Limited (mai: PRI) announced on Thursday that the company has approved Wyde Interior Company Limited, a subsidiary of the company, to establish Wyde Furniture Company Limited as a new registered joint venture company.

The company’s objective is to run a business in terms of furniture production, sale, and marketing and develop retail shops. Its registered capital of THB 21,300,000.00 consists of 21,300,000.00 ordinary shares with a par value of 10 baht per share.

The shareholding were two groups, details are as follows:

Group A, 92.9576% (1,979,998 shares) ) held by Wyde Interior Company Limited, 0.0001% (1 share) held by Mr.Tanai Tanachanun, 0.0001% (1 share) held by Ms.Kanokpailin Wilaikaew.

Group B, 7.0422% (150,000 shares) held by Mr.Kittiiphun Pothiwangtagoon.