JMT Shows 7th Consecutive Record-High Performance in 2022 with THB0.59 Dividend Payout

JMT Network Services Public Company Limited (SET: JMT) has announced its 2022 consolidated financial statement through the Stock Exchange of Thailand as follows;

Year 2022 2021
Net Profit (Loss)
Million Baht
1,745.58 1,400.37
Earning Per Share
1.2200 1.2900
% Change 24.65

JMT reported a net profit of 1,745 million baht in 2022, increased 24.65% from a net profit of 1,400 million baht as the performance reached the highest record for the seventh consecutive year, both in terms of the collection with cash flow collection of 5,548 million baht, growing 21% from the previous year. If including cash flow from JK Asset Management Company amounting to 797 million baht, the collection of cash flow will equal to 6,346 million baht. In 2022, the company had a net profit of 1,746 million baht, growing from 2021 25%, which was the highest net profit record of the company since its establishment for the 7th consecutive year.

In terms of operations in 2022 for the nonperforming loans management business, the company bought non-performing loans with an investment budget of 4,582 million baht. 

The company’s total revenue in 2022 was 4,409.5 million baht, an increase of 21.6 percent. It was mainly due to an interest and dividend income and gains from loans from the purchase of receivables in 2022 of 3,803.3 million baht, an increase from 2021 by 673.1 million baht or equivalent to 21.5 percent, as a result of collection efficiency and quality of non-performing debt that the company acquired more during the past year. Interest, dividend income, and gains from loans from receivables purchase represented 86.3 percent of total revenue. It resulted from the expansion of investment to buy more distressed debt, causing the proportion of income from purchasing debt to manage to increase obviously.

In addition, JMT announced a dividend payout of THB0.59 per share to be paid on 2 May 2023. The ex-dividend date is 11 April 2023.