BBL Asset Management Purchases ‘SKY ICT’ at a Pricey Level, Pushing Shareholding to 5.25%

The Securities and Exchange Commission published a report on the big lot transaction of SKY ICT Public Company Limited (SET: SKY) on February 24 2023, acquired by BBL Asset Management Co., Ltd (BBLAM) for a total amount of 26 million shares, representing 4.1648% of voting rights in SKY at an average price of THB 30.25 per share. BBLAM held a total of 32.79 million shares or 5.2525% shareholding in SKY after the acquisition.

Another big lot transaction was wired on February 27, 2023, for a total of 11.70 million shares at an average price of THB 30.00 per share. The seller or the company have yet to file a report to Thai SEC on the detail of this transaction.

The share price of SKY rose tremendously in the last few months, surging 200% from THB 10.00 per share on December 28, 2022 to close at THB 30.00 per share yesterday.