Prices of Thai EV Operator Drop in Early Morning after Fire Incident on Sunday

The share price of EA and NEX traded lower on Monday after the report of a fire incident yesterday on its EV bus.


Energy Absolute Public Company Limited (SET: EA), a parent company of Nex Point Public Company Limited (SET: NEX ) who is the operator of EV bus that the incident occurred, said that the accident was caused by the electric bus driver who diverted the bus to the right Lane due to that there was vehicle parked in the left Lane under the bridge. The roof of the electric bus collided with the beam of the bridge, therefore the battery, which was installed on the right side of the electric bus’s roof was damaged severely. This damage eventually led to a fire incident eventually. Moreover the area where the incident happened have been reported frequently on accident.

The company said that the battery produced by EA’s affiliated group has passed the quality control according to the automotive industry’s quality management standard such IATF16949:2016.

EA noted that the affiliated company group’s battery has obtained international certificates such as IEC62660-2:2018, IEC62660-3:2016 and ECE R100.02, which are to ensure product’s performance and safety standards for electric vehicle’s battery usage application.

In addition, EA stated that as a manufacturer of the electric bus will continue an investigation on the incident and facilitate our customer to repair the electric bus back to normal condition according to ISO 9001 quality control standard.


As of 10:24 BKK time on Monday, the share price of EA dropped THB 1.75 or 2.32% to THB 73.75 per share. Meanwhile, the share price of the bus operator NEX fell THB 0.10 or 0.76% to THB 13.10 per share.