BANPU and BPP Maintain Slightly above Dividend Payout Rate

The share price of BANPU and BPP edged lower on its ex-dividend date, but still maintained slightly higher than the dividend payout rate.

Banpu Public Company Limited (SET: BANPU) announced to pay a cash dividend payout of THB 0.75 per share on 28 April 2023 with an ex-dividend date on 10 April 2023. Meanwhile, Banpu Power Public Company Limited (SET: BPP), BANPU’s subsidiary, will pay THB 0.30 per share for its dividend payout, which has the same ex-dividend date as its parent company.

As of 10:59 BKK time on Monday, the share price of BANPU dropped THB 0.70 or 6.42% to THB 10.20 per share. Meanwhile, BPP fell THB 0.20 or 1.32% to THB 15.00 per share.


Still, Refinitiv consensus pointed to a higher target price than the current trading price. Analysts eyed BANPU at THB 15.72 per share and BPP at THB 18.97 per share.