Kaohoon Morning Brief – 25 July 2023

1) FSS expects to see energy stocks leading the market from higher oil prices

Finansia Syrus Securities (FSS) expected Thailand’s SET Index to continue moving in a sideways trend within the range of 1,515-1,540 points, weighed by uncertainties in domestic political issues, while the energy sector should benefit from rising crude oil prices. 

The analyst recommended monitoring the Fed’s meeting this week. FSS noted that it has low expectations that Thailand will be able to elect a new prime minister on Thursday.


2) Elon Musk changes Twitter’s logo to a letter X

Elon Musk has rebranded Twitter’s logo over the weekend by replacing its prominent blue bird with the letter X. 

The rebrand was not entirely unexpected as Tesla’s CEO had already converted Twitter’s corporate name to X Corp, which itself is a subsidiary of X Holding Corp.

Musk has a vision in creating the X into an everything app, which is the same as China’s WeChat that allows people to find entertainment and buy goods and services online. 


3) Apple could raise price of its Pro models

Apple is considering raising the price of its iPhone Pros when new models come out this September, according to the report from Bloomberg.

The new price could raise overall revenue for the company as the latest Pro version priced at $999 while a Max model, which has a bigger screen, was sold at a price of at least $1,099.

Earlier this year, Apple raised its battery replacement prices by $20-$50 in all of its product range including iPhone, iPad and MacBook.