EGM Votes to Amend JASIF’s Rental Payment with 3BB to Pave Ways for ADVANC’s Acquisition

BBL Asset Management Company Limited (BBLAM), as management company of Jasmine Broadband Internet Infrastructure Fund (SET: JASIF), has announced that JASIF’s Extraordinary General Meeting of Unitholders on 23 August 2023 voted in approval to amend the current rental payment with 3BB.

The meeting was convened to consider and approve the waiver and the amendments in relation to the suspension of the rental payment and the rental payment default under the agreements on the seeking of benefits from the infrastructure assets and other related matters.

The key detail of the amendments to the Amended and Restated Main Lease Agreement is the extension of the term of the Amended and Restated Main Lease Agreement from the original expiration date of 29 January 2032 to 31 December 2038 and the adjustment of the rental rate from 30 January 2032 until 31 December 2032, to 402.37 Baht per core kilometer per month. The rental rate from 1 January 2033 to 31 December 2038 will be adjusted on 1 January every year, according to the consumer price index (CPI), published by the Ministry of Commerce; however, the rental fee will increase by no more than 3% (but no less than 0%) per year.

The agenda was approved by 96.21% of eligible voters.


According to the source, Advanced Wireless Network (AWN), a subsidiary of Advanced Info Service Pcl. (SET: ADVANC), will discuss with National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission about the take over of Triple T Broadband Pcl. (3BB), which should get the approval by this September.
After the approval, AWN will proceed to purchase 3BB and JASIF, following the agreement made with Jasmine International Pcl. (SET: JAS), at a total investment value of 32 billion baht.