Asia Pacific Markets Raised after US, EU and China Data

On this Friday morning (15 Sep), the whole Asia Pacific markets has been rising after last night data from the US such as retail sales at YoY 0.6% rather than the expected 0.2%. EU rate decision was at 4.5%, higher than the expectation to stay at the previous 4.25%. China’s data show a sign of increasing retail sales to YoY 4.6% from 2.5% in previous month and industrial production at YoY 4.5% from 3.7% in previous month.


Australian ASX 200 is leading the gain train by 1.8% over 7,300. Japan’s NIKKEI is following with a 1.3% gain over 33,600. South Korean KOSPI and Hong Kong’s HSI are also gaining by 1% as well, moving the index over 2,600 and 18,240, respectively, while other indices remain on the green side with lesser gains.


Meanwhile, much US economic data came out as expected, causing the rally on US stocks. The US Futures are also rallying as well as S&P jumped over 4,562 and NASDAQ jumped over 15,700, both have lowered the Volatility index (VIX) down to 13.3 which is another year low since July.


The WTI crude oil also jumped and almost touched $91 while Brent was over $94 per barrel. Precious metal like Gold is also increasing, to $1,937 per Troy ounce, while the US Dollar index (DXY) jumped over 105 but only EUR and GBP were cliffing down, in contrast to JPY and CHF that sharply jumped along with USD.