Asia Pacific Market Slips ahead of AUS and EU Economic Data

Pacific market slipped on Tuesday morning (19 Sep). The market anticipated this week central banks’ rate decisions such as US’ FED, Bank of England and Bank of Japan. Meanwhile, the Reserve Bank of Australia will publish its meeting minutes, giving insight on the Australian economy and policy rate. Furthermore, EU and Canada CPIs data will publish later on today as well.


Japan’s NIKKEI led the loss train today by 1.1%, lowering the index under 33,180, followed by Shenzhen’s SZI, losing by 1% to 10,100. Australian ASX 200 and New Zealand’s NZX 50 both lost around 0.5% each, dropping both indices under 7,200 and 11,340, respectively. Other major indices were all in the negative zone with lesser losses.


Meanwhile, the US Futures such as S&P was stabilizing around 4,500 and NASDAQ as well was staying around 15,400. Energy commodities like WTI crude oil rose over $91 while Brent almost touched $95 per barrel.


Natural gas bounced back over $2.72 per MMBTU despite Chevron assurance on its LNG deliveries news on Australia plant strikes. Precious metal like gold also rose over $1,950 per Troy ounce, while the US Dollar index (DXY) was still under 105.