Moderna in Trouble as Only 24% of US Expected to Get Booster Shot

Moderna, Inc (NASDAQ: MRNA) tanked by 9% from $114 to $104 on Monday, after its rival Pfizer Inc. (NYSE: PFE) forecasts only 24% of US population or about total of 82 million people will take another booster shot this year, while Moderna expected up to 100 million doses in this fall.


These two vaccine makers’ stocks got a lot attention as everyone needs the most effective protection available on the market from the virus during the pandemic. Both stocks peaked in late 2021 as US and other countries rushed to approve their vaccine at its highest demand.


However, since earlier this year, the fear of the virus has been dying out as the new covid variants has been lesser and lesser dangerous to the general public, many would choose to not taking any more vaccines thus lesser demand and the tanking stock prices on both.


PFE was trading over $58 in December 2021 and the latest peak was $51 in December 2022, after that the stock has been tumbling down to the current $34 per share with P/E ratio at around 9 which considered as very cheap compared to the usual company valuation at more than 20.


Meanwhile, MRNA was trading at almost $450 in September 2021 and has been tumbling down ever since. Its latest peak was at almost $200 in December 2022 and the latest price is around $106 per share with P/E ratio almost 36 which still considered on the high side.