AIS Appoints Executives to Support Business Expansion and Strengthen Broadband Business

In response to the rapidly growing demand for broadband Internet or home internet services, AIS is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr.Tee Seeumpornroj as the Chief Executive Officer -Broadband Business (CEO-BB). Additionally, Mr. Montri Khongkruephan, who previously held the position of Head of Audit, has been appointed as the Chief Finance Officer (CFO), replacing Mr. Tee Seeumpornroj. These appointments are aimed at supporting and facilitating the expansion of AIS in response to the significant growth in the broadband and home internet sectors.

Mr.Tee Seeumpornroj joined AIS in 2017 as the Deputy Head of Finance and was later promoted to Head of Finance in 2018. Beyond his exceptional skills in financial management and investment strategies that consider the interests of all stakeholders, Mr.Tee has consistently contributed to sustainable growth. He has been honored with the prestigious CFO Excellence Award for three consecutive years at the IAA Awards for Listed Companies, organized by the Investment Analysts Association. Mr.Tee has played a crucial role in driving AIS’s digital and contributing to the continued strength of the AIS Broadband Business.

On the other hand, Mr. Montri Khongkruephan joined AIS in 2021 as the Head of Internal Audit. During his tenure, he has shown outstanding performance by working collaboratively with all business units to manage and streamline operational processes in line with the post-COVID global landscape. He has also demonstrated exceptional leadership in overseeing transparent operations aligned with ethical principles. With his extensive experience as a team leader in the largest consulting company in Southeast Asia, where he managed client companies in the Asia-Pacific region, Mr. Montri brings a wealth of expertise in finance and internal control. His specialization extends to designing and improving financial operations through automation tools.

Given his significant contributions to AIS’s overall operations since joining the company and his readiness to support the efficient management of AIS’s business as a whole, AIS firmly believes that Mr. Montri is well-prepared to take on his new role as CFO.