KBANK Makes Full Investment in Digital Development to Enhance Financial Operations

Kasikornbank Public Company Limited (SET: KBANK) stated that its Board of Directors resolved to approve the establishment of UNITA Capital Company Limited (UNITA Capital), to invest in digital asset business. The Bank of Thailand has granted approval for change in the Kasikornbank Financial Conglomerate, with details as follows;

Unita Capital has 3,705 million baht of registered capital with KBANK holding 100-percent shares. The objective of this subsidiary is to invest in companies operating digital asset business. According to this investment, the Board of Directors of Unita Capital resolved to approve the establishment of Orbix Custodian Company Limited, a fully-owned subsidiary with a registered capital of 100 million baht. Orbix Custodian will be a digital asset custodian for UNITA Capital in a process of requesting for business license. Moreover, the company also established Orbix Invest Company Limited and Orbix Technology & Innovation Company Limited to work on digital asset fund management and blockchain infrastructure development, respectively.

In addition, UNITA Capital has acquired 97-percent shares in Satang Corporation Company Limited, which operates as a digital asset exchange.