Asia Pacific Markets Trade Mixed after China PMI Edging Down

Asia Pacific major indices were mixed on Tuesday morning (31 Oct, 9:30 AM, GMT+7, Bangkok time) ahead of BoJ 2-day meeting result on interest rate decision, which will impact the JPY exchange rate and bond yields. Meanwhile, China PMI came out at a slightly lower than Reuters poll at 49.5, which is lower than the 50.2 expectation and affected the Chinese markets.

Hong Kong’s HSI led the market with a 0.94% drop to 17,243.21. Shenzhen’s SZI also dropped by 0.57% to 9,870.87, while New Zealand’s NZX 50 gained by 0.35% to 10,778.71. Singapore’s STI also gained 0.37% to 3,075.68.


Meanwhile, the US markets rose by over 1% across the board on Monday night, led by AMZN that gained almost 4%. However, TSLA dropped by almost 5% together with some other semiconductor and healthcare stocks. Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) rose by 1.58% to 32,928.96. NASDAQ gained by 1.16% to 12,789.48. S&P 500 also gained by 1.2% to 4,166.82, while VIX dropped by another 7.15% to 19.75 as the markets are easing.


On the other hand, Monday’s crude oil futures prices are easingeased by around 3% after the hike on Friday as the possible regional war fear continued. The benchmark Brent dropped by 2.8% to $87.89 per barrel. The West Texas Intermediate (WTI) also declined by 3.5% to $82.57 per barrel.

However, both were slightly rising this morning as Brent rose by 0.66% to $88.03 a barrel, and WTI gained by 0.49% to $82.71 a barrel. Furthermore, the gold futures eased by 0.04%  to $2,004.8 per Troy ounce.