AIS FIBRE and 3BB Embark on New Journey towards Brighter Future

AIS FIBRE and 3BB embark on a new journey towards a future ready for everyone, poised to elevate the country’s home internet industry. Embracing the concept of “BOOST YOUR BRIGHTER FUTURE,” we connect every use case through a fiber optic network, offering cutting-edge innovations that surpass speed expectations and uphold a standard of quality service that is well-regarded. Towards “AIS-3BB – 3BB FIBRE 3,” we reaffirm our crucial mission to care for our customers, including 2.38 million from AIS FIBRE and 2.3 million from 3BB. This commitment extends to businesses, entrepreneurs, government organizations, and private entities across all sectors. Our goal is to provide them with benefits that go beyond expectations, serving as a driving force to propel and support the sustainability of all sectors and the digital economy.

  • MORE CONNECTIVITY Our fiber optic broadband infrastructure not only covers and reaches everyone but also surpasses standards in terms of speed, strength, and accessibility, making it the most comprehensive nationwide network today.
  • MORE OPPORTUNITY Unlocking doors to greater opportunities and potential, we aim to provide more than just access – we aim to open the gates to possibilities. Our vision is to empower every home, every shop, and every business to reach the future they desire at any given moment. This is made possible through cutting-edge innovations that not only make every use case achievable but also exceed expectations, creating a future that goes beyond the ordinary.
  • MORE HAPPINESS Experience more joy and entertainment at every level, designed for everyone at home. From engaging content to games, we bring you a plethora of entertainment options, coupled with everyday privileges that are readily available for your enjoyment.

Somchai Lertsutiwong Chief Executive of AIS said “We proudly announce the success of AIS FIBRE and 3BB as they synergize their strengths under AIS – 3BB FIBRE 3. Leading the way, we are committed to developing the FIBRE Broadband Infrastructure of the country, ensuring its robustness and widespread accessibility to all Thai citizens, promoting equality in digital access. Today, with only 50% of Thai households having access to home internet, there is tremendous growth potential. This expansion goes beyond enhancing the digital experience for household customers; it extends to benefiting businesses, from small shops to SMEs. The innovation and new tools introduced will empower businesses, fostering competitiveness and elevating their potential for future success. This effort is a crucial force in driving competition in the home internet industry and contributing to the growth of a collaborative ecosystem economy.”

Mr.Tee Seeumpornroj Chief Executive Officer -Broadband Business AIS further explained that “AIS – 3BB FIBRE 3 is the uniting of the strengths of both AIS FIBRE and 3BB, aiming for a life that is better than ever under the concept of ‘BOOST YOUR BRIGHTER FUTURE.’ Beyond making us leaders in the home internet industry, it also elevates the entire sector and brings enhanced benefits to our customers, the Thai people, and the nation in three key aspects. Whether it’s more coverage and accessibility, MORE CONNECTIVITY, this collaboration has resulted in the most robust and stable broadband and internet infrastructure. Additionally, our coverage extends over 131,000 square kilometers, reaching 77 provinces, 923 districts, and 5,849 sub-districts. With the capacity to serve over 9.5 million ports nationwide, including the cutting-edge FibreLAN technology, we connect and create an internet network that allows customers to experience speeds of 1Gbps in every room of their homes. Furthermore, we uphold service standards for our customers 24/7.” 

In addition, we create more opportunities, MORE OPPORTUNITY, through innovative home internet solutions designed to meet every need of every home, shop, and business. This includes Cloud PC services ready for everyone at home and specially designed packages for SMEs, with the added security of the network (Secure Net) and Fast Lanes Customer Service, addressing the growth needs of every business in a leap.

Simultaneously, AIS – 3BB FIBRE 3 provides MORE HAPPINESS, delivering a surprising level of joy. Starting with an unparalleled variety of entertainment content, catering to every digital lifestyle, including movies, series, sports, concerts, variety shows, documentaries, game shows, and much more. This is achieved through collaborations with world-class media and entertainment partners. Even gamers are offered an enhanced experience with GAMING PLATFORMS, featuring packages and an intelligent SMART AI GAMER router to boost signal speed, reduce latency, and enhance overall gaming performance.

Lastly, our exclusive privileges bring both happiness and convenience to customers of AIS FIBRE and 3BB through the Point Platform. This platform allows users to redeem special rewards through a vast network of partners, including over 1.8 million retail stores and leading department stores, as well as more than 30,000 partner stores nationwide.

Mr.Tee Conclusion “AIS – 3BB FIBRE 3 is poised to drive business growth through the AIS Fibre3 and 3BB Fibre3 brands, solidifying our position as the leading high-speed internet service provider in Thailand. By establishing new standards in the dimensions of quality, service, innovation, and privileges, we aim to strengthen both the broadband industry and the nation’s growth and competitiveness indices. We are committed to meeting the diverse needs of our customers and all sectors, expanding coverage, and working collaboratively with world-class partners to elevate the quality of in-home living through innovative home internet solutions. This initiative, coupled with the integration of 5G for out-of-home experiences, aims to amplify business potential and serve as a key driver for the Sustainable Nation”