ADVANC Steps In as New ‘Sponsor’ of ‘JASIF’

BBL Asset Management Co., Ltd., the Management Company of Jasmine Broadband Internet Infrastructure Fund (SET: JASIF) has published a statement through the Stock Exchange of Thailand to notify the market of the amendment of the Fund Scheme regarding on Change of Sponsor and Summary of the Amendments to the Agreements in relation to the Fund, according to the resolution of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Unitholders No.1/2022 on 18 October 2022. The amendment is effective from 15 November 2023 onwards.

Following the approval from National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission in the merger, the Sponsor of JASIF has been changed from Jasmine International Public Company Limited (SET: JAS) to Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited (SET: ADVANC).

Due to the change, all conditions under the original agreements between JAS and JASIF have been removed entirely with only some minor changes in a few clauses, according to the filing.

This will allow ADVANC, as a new Sponsor, to write a new agreement with JASIF.