SISB Extends Gain by 2% with Revenue Projection to Grow 30% in 2023

On Thursday, SISB Public Company Limited (SET: SISB) extended its gain from Wednesday after the report of a plan for another expansion to support increasing capacity for international schools in Thailand, according to Finansia Syrus Securities.

As of 10:47 a.m. (GMT+7, Bangkok Time), SISB stock price continued its gain by 2.22% to THB 34.50 from Wednesday’s closing price of THB 33.75. This extended gain came after Mr. Yew Hock Koh, Chief Executive Officer of SISB Public Company Limited, demonstrated the idea of branching the school to be more affordable with equal quality to be in line with the demand of enrolling international schools.

The plan is to branch the school to the perimeter around Bangkok as well as other provinces in Thailand, with the semester fees decreased from the usual THB 500,000 – 600,000 to THB 300,000.

Mr. Yew Hock Koh also denied any concerns from the increasing number of Chinese students being a temporary trend, saying SISB is still one of the first schools to come to mind of Chinese parents. He added that the trend reflected the popularity of the school which uses the education curriculum from Singapore with medium level of semester fees and high quality education.

The stock price of SISB rose on Wednesday, after the report of the company’s plan, which later confirmed by the CEO, to expand more capacity to its school, including 300 seats at Pracha-Uthit, 900 seats at Thonburi, and 300 seats at Chiang Mai branch with the total seats around the country of 8,065 in 2025.

For the overall operation performance of the company in 2023, the company estimated 30% gain of total income YoY, which accumulated to THB 1,344.41 million, while in the first nine months of 2023, the company has already earned a total income of THB 1364.93 million with THB 442.99 million as a net profit. The said profit is accrued to be more than the previous year’s of THB 369.28 million, due to the growing number of students with the nature of the business being constant in expenses. The company expects the total income for 2024 to grow at least 30% and maintain the gross profit margin for at least 30% as well.