PTT Reveals 5-Year Investment Plan with THB90 Billion Budget

PTT Public Company Limited (SET: PTT) has announced that the Board of Directors at the Meeting No.12/2566 on 21 December 2023 approved the five-year (Year 2024 – 2028) investment plan of PTT and its wholly owned subsidiaries in an aggregate amount of Baht 89,203 million.

PTT has invested in the core business to promote sustainable growth and to ensure national energy security which are accounted for 51% of PTT’s total five-year investment plan with the key projects include Gas Separation Plant (GSP) unit 7 to replace GSP unit 1, GSP unit 8, Bang Pakong – South Bangkok power plant transmission pipeline project, 5th onshore pipeline. In order to align investments with PTT’s vision of “Powering life with future energy and beyond”, PTT has invested in the New business through its wholly owned subsidiaries such as Electric Vehicle value chain businesses including EVme project (providing a digital platform for the comprehensive use of electric vehicle), construction of the Horizon Plus electric car factory, investment in the Cell-To-Pack (CTP) battery assembly plant, as well as Map Ta Phut Industrial Port Development Phase 3, and Laem Chabang Port Phase 3 project, etc.

Additionally, PTT has prepared provisional capital expenditure for the next 5 years amounting to Baht 106,932 million mainly for the investment expansion during energy transition period such as the investment in the Gas business which is the transition fuel with the focus on the expansion of pipeline network, the investment in LNG value chain both in Thailand and overseas, the expanding investment in the Downstream business in storage tanks, etc.

Moreover, PTT also focus on clean energy business toward a low-carbon society e.g. investment in Life Science including Pharmaceutical, Nutrition, and Medical device & Diagnostics, the AI & Robotics business with the target to become a leader in AI & Robotics services in the future, as well as Logistic and Infrastructure business by focusing on connecting all transportation networks throughout the country.