Metthier Sets Up Top Security System for “SC Asset” Residences

Mr. Kayon Tantichatiwat, CEO of Metthier Company Limited, a complete smart facility management service provider under SKY ICT Public Company Limited (SET: SKY), stated that the company, joined with SC Asset Corporation Public Company Limited (SET: SC), took a step forward to upgrade its security to provide maximum convenience to SC Asset residents by providing security as a service, one of the main services of Metthier. 

The project merged the proficiency of the professionals with high technology in accordance with “RISE ABOVE ORDINARY, rise beyond with technology at Metthier,” stepping in to keep the SC Asset residents, such as The Gentry, Grand Bangkok Boulevard, and Bangkok Boulevard, safe.

The company has installed a smart surveillance camera system, being able to detect real-time intrusion with advanced AI technology that can analyze and anticipate circumstances to plan protection. The system is connected to the Metthier Intelligent Operation Center (MIOC), with safety specialists monitoring it for 24 hours. It also seamlessly connected with Ruejai App, providing the ability to monitor the project to ensure comfort for the residents of SC Asset, with administrators being ready to offer assistance in every circumstance.

Mr. Direk Tayakee, Head of Tech Solution at SC Asset Corporation Public Company Limited (SET: SC), stated that other than good quality products and services, one deciding factor that has an influential impact on the consumer is safety. This is because a house is a place to live without anxiety. SC has always gained trust from clients as the company provides a 24-hour security system. 

This cooperation will uplift the safety living experience for residents, emphasizing the idea of Living Solution Provider with Human-Centric notion, as the company insists on clients to be the heart of the work to explore demands and solutions for the residence. SC will launch the Smart Facility Management system in 2024 in every segment, setting up a basic standard for every residence. Residents can use the service via “RueJai” App with the idea of living a better life when things at home are secured.