SCBX Appoints Arak Sutivong and Boontip Kritchaikul as DataX and InnovestX’s CEO

SCBX Group Announces Strategic Leadership Adjustments in 2 Subsidiaries: Dr. Arak Sutivong Appointed as the CEO of DataX and the Chairman of the Board at InnovestX, to engage in strategic business direction with Mrs. Boontip Kritchaikul, who has been appointed as the CEO of InnovestX.

Effective January 1, 2024, Dr. Arak Sutivong assumes the critical role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at SCB DataX Company Limited (DataX), while concurrently retain his position as Deputy CEO of SCBX, where he will spearhead the establishment of a robust foundation and enhance competitiveness. With a mission to propel SCBX Group to new heights, Dr. Arak Sutivong will leverage cutting-edge technologies such as big data, data science, and artificial intelligence. Aligned with the corporate strategy, SCBX Group is aspired to becoming a leading regional financial technology company group, with an AI-First Organization as the central tenet, driving transformative initiatives for long-term sustainability.

Furthermore, Dr. Arak has assumed the pivotal role of Chairman of the Board of Directors at InnovestX, and appointed Mrs. Boontip Kritchaikul as the CEO of InnovestX Securities Company Limited (InnovestX). In her new role, Mrs. Boontip embraces a crucial mission, aiming to lead in investment and digital asset services across ASEAN. Committed to continuous innovation, the focus is on laying the foundation for future financial advancements, exploring new investment opportunities, and ensuring efficient, sustainable growth for the SCBX Group. 


Dr. Arak brings 14 years of dedicated service to the SCBX group, demonstrating expertise in both banking and data management. Previously held the position of President at Siam Commercial Bank, he significantly contributed as the Chief Data Officer, pioneering data initiatives within the bank. During the organizational restructuring that elevated SCBX to its role as the parent company, Dr. Arak assumed the responsibilities of Deputy Chief Executive Officer, which he has been entrusted with overseeing the Research and Development (R&D) division of the SCBX Group. His focused mandate involves driving AI development initiatives aimed at enhancing the organization’s competitiveness in the dynamic business landscape.

Mrs. Boontip, with an impressive 37-year tenure in the Thai capital market, brings a wealth of experience, having witnessed the evolution from the traditional board-knocking stock exchange era to the current digital landscape. Mrs. Boontip’s extensive expertise and tenure spanning over 20 years with the SCBX group, starting from its days as SCB Securities Company Limited (SCBS) to its current iteration as InnovestX.