Kaohoon Morning Brief – 9 January 2024

Krungsri Securities (KSS) expected Thailand’s SET Index to move within the range of 1,410-1,430 points. The analyst stated that even with a positive sentiment from a rise in regional markets this morning after a decline in US bond yields, the plummet in crude oil prices and capital outflows from Thailand would pressure the market.


Nvidia is planning to roll out three new chips that will let gamers, designers and other users make better use of AI on their personal computers such as from home or an office.

Nvidia has been known for its proficiency in gaming chips, but the company had made a big wave last year for producing GPUs for generating AI. Nvidia said that this year’s graphics cards have been improved with an aim to run AI models without sending information back to the cloud.


Standard Chartered expected spot bitcoin ETFs to attract inflows of $50-100 billion in 2024, if they are approved. As a result of the approval, the price of bitcoin could rise to $200,000 by the end of 2025.

Standard Chartered expected spot bitcoin ETFs to get an approval from the SEC in the second quarter of this year.