Kaohoon Morning Brief – 16 January 2024

Krungsri Securities (KSS) expected Thailand’s SET Index to move weakly at around the support level at 1,400 points due to a lack of positive factors to boost investment, while foreign fund flows continue to seek higher returns elsewhere with uncertainties around the Fed’s rate cut.

The analyst recommended “Selective Buy” on stocks with positive catalysts and those that tend to record growth for their 2023 earnings while looking to buy the dips.


Donald Trump has won the Iowa Caucus with over 75% of the vote, boosting the likelihood on his path toward the Republican Party’s presidential nomination.

Ron DeSantis came in second with only 12% of the vote and Nikki Haley was third with 7%.


ECB member Robert Holzmann says that it is possible there might be no rate cuts at all in 2024.

When he was asked about growing calls for rate cuts, he said “those people will be very disappointed.”

Inflation in December 2023 was rising with prices in Europe jumped to 2.9% and the U.S. to 3.4%.