HMPRO Reports THB6.4 Billion Net Profit from an Increase in Revenue

Home Product Center Public Company Limited (SET: HMPRO) has announced its 2023 consolidated financial statement through the Stock Exchange of Thailand as follows;

Year 2023 2022
Net Profit (Loss)

Million Baht

6,441.56 6,217.09
Earning Per Share


0.4900 0.4700
% Change 3.61


HMPRO reported a net profit of Baht 6,441.56 million, representing an increase of Baht 224.47 million or up 3.61% as compared to the previous year.

The company recorded total revenues of Baht 72,821.77 million, an increase of Baht 3,432,34 million or up 4.95%, comprising of the following:

1.1. Revenue from contracts with customers which comprised product sales revenue and service income of Home Service was Baht 68,283.31 million, representing an increase of Baht 3,192.43 million or up 4.90% year-over-year. The increase in revenue was contributed by higher revenue realization regarding new stores rolled out of HomePro and Mega Home since 2022 as well as higher sales which benefited partly from the Trade-In program. Besides, the company drove its sales by organizing more activities; the HomePro Super Expo both at all HomePro stores nationwide and online channel, HomePro Expo at Impact Muang Thong Thani, including Double Day activities for online channel in order to provide more convenience for customers to purchase more variety of products and services.

1.2. Rental and service income amounted to Baht 1,882.23 million, an increase of Baht 161.65 million or up 9.39% from previous year thanks to more rental income from leasable space of HomePro stores and Market Village shopping compared to the same period last year. Moreover, there was rental income realization of rental space in new stores of HomePro, including rental income from the major event of HomePro Expo which was organized during the fourth quarter.

1.3. Other income was Baht 2,656.23 million,an increase of Baht 78.27 million or up 3.04%,as a result of the increase in promotional activities with vendors both at physical stores and through online channels compared to the same period of the previous year.

Gross profit from product sales and service income of Home Service was Baht 18,165.67 million, an increase of Baht 1,152.49 million or up 6.77% as compared with the prior year. The percentage of gross profit increased from 26.14% to 26.60%, which was attributed to the better of product mix toward high margin products, efficient cost management, and increasing service income despite higher logistic cost for distribution to stores resulting from oil price inflation.

In addition, HMPRO announced a dividend payment of THB 0.22 per share to be paid on 8 May 2024. The ex-dividend date is 22 April 2024.