True Corporation Adopts AI for World-Class Customer Experience with Three Core Strategies for Sustainable Growth

  • True Corporation achieved a year of strong growth in both service revenue and customer base
  • The company is continuing to modernize the digital telecommunications infrastructure and unique services to consumers, while transforming the organization to drive the digital economy to deliver maximum benefits to the shareholders and society at large.
  • Its three strategies in 2024 are No.1 World-Class Customer Experience, No. 1 Digital Growth Champion, and No.1 Future-Ready Performance

True solidifies its vision as a leading telecom-tech company, unveiling its key strategies and business direction for 2024, focusing on leveraging the strengths of a robust telecommunications infrastructure and digital ecosystem. The company aims at a strong growth by emphasizing on three strategic pillars which are; 1) No.1 World-Class Customer Experience; covering a modernized and superior network, seamless customer experience via omnichannel and hyper-personalized services and privileges to fit customers’ lifestyles, 2) No.1 Digital Growth Champion; providing a wide range of relevant and user-friendly digital products and services to create everyday living tech for work, entertainment and health with more convenience and safety, as well as enabling business transformation across all industry sectors, and 3) No.1 Future-Ready Performance; ensuring sustainable growth and profitability in 2024 by continuing to explore new technologies and AI to improve service offering and simplify its value chain, exploring synergies and transforming the organization to enhance efficiency and uplift the digital skills of employees while delivering more value and benefits for consumers and the nation.

Mr. Manat Manavutiveth, Chief Executive Officer, True Corporation Plc. said, “True’s significant achievement over the past year is our major ongoing transformation into a full-fledged telecom-tech company, to deliver seamless communication experiences and digital innovation to consumers and business sectors, and optimizing operation synergies across the entire organization. In 2024, True aims to unify across the whole organization including infrastructure and operation, using consumer insights and AI capabilities to revolutionize services. Our three strategic pillars which are No.1 World-Class Customer Experience, No.1 Digital Growth Champion, and No.1 Future-Ready Performance will help increase our capabilities, transitioning to the leading telecom-tech company, by creating synergy value, enhancing efficiency in customer service, cost management and profitability. Fundamental for everything we do is the good corporate governance and responsible and sustainable business practices. We expect to turnaround to sustainably grow and achieve profitability in 2024. We aim to create value and better future for all stakeholders including consumers, businesses, vendors, shareholders, and investors, thereby driving the country’s society and digital economic growth.”


No.1 World-Class Customer Experience

Mr. Sharad Mehrotra, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, True Corporation Plc. said, “True places utmost importance on delivering the best experience to customers, both individuals and enterprises.

  • Our modernized and superior network uplifts 5G experience for customers. We continuously upgrade the network to the leading global standards and consumers expectations, with eco-friendly network equipment that reduces CO2 emissions. Last year, the company significantly improved the efficiency of signal towers with over 2,400 towers modernized nationwide and a plan to increase to 10,000 towers by 2024. We optimize network synergy by transforming to one integrated network, and by efficient frequencies utilization, we are yet offering wider and better coverage and speed to consumers.
  • The ambition of Business Network Intelligence Center (BNIC), empowered by AI technology, for more personalized service design and customized privileges. Data will provide insight information for business trend forecast and comprehensive strategic planning, covering network expansion throughout micro areas nationwide, hyper-personalized service offering, proactive maintenance services, as well as deep understanding of customer needs.
  • Enhancing customer experience with seamless omnichannel services for the best customer experience. We are exploring AI technology to analyze data and assisting our customer service team in offering services that better suit our customers’ preferences. Additionally, we will upgrade our intelligent assistant, Mari, combining humanoid robotics technology with AI. Mari AI can provide information and recommend services rapidly and automatically. We are also developing a unified application (One Application) that covers both service information and various after-sales services.


No.1 Digital Growth Champion

True is creating innovative digital services that elevate the quality of life and be your Everyday Living-Tech, enriching the daily experiences of customers.

  • Mobile to Lifestyle – Today, True provides a diverse range of digital services and personalized lifestyle benefits such as TrueID, and is evolving entertaining content based on customer preferences. It also analyzes the customer’s location-based data to offer hyper-personalized lifestyle privileges directly to the customer in real-time, making enjoyable and easy accessibility of content and privileges in a short video format.
  • Broadband to Smart Living – True creates new digital experiences for work, learning, entertainment, and convenient, secure living within homes. For instance, our AI-powered CCTV cameras can detect and analyze abnormalities, providing real-time notifications. Additionally, smart small appliances in homes can be monitored, controlled, and operated through the TrueX application. Moreover, our comprehensive well-being services can be easily accessed at home and anywhere through the MorDee application with no need to travel to hospitals.
  • Linear TV to Streaming – We shift from traditional linear TV to streaming, delivering a variety of world class and exclusive content and entertainment right to the consumers, allowing them to choose and enjoy at their convenience, anytime and anywhere via TrueID app, TrueVisions Now app, and many more leading applications.

In addition, True brings a diverse range of digital solutions to enable business transformation, integrating a comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure and complete digital ecosystem, and collaborating with global partners to develop and elevate our solutions to meet the international standards. The company incorporates a variety of tools and technologies such as AI, Machine Learning (ML), and IoT, and pools data from various sources into one single platform for deep data analytics with a high level of cybersecurity. These encourage digital transformation with sustainable growth for businesses. With the focus in agriculture, factory, retail and hospitality businesses, True aims to grow its digital solutions revenue twofold within the next three years with the new operating and service business models such as Everything-as-a-Service and an Intelligent Data Platform.


No.1 Future-Ready Performance

True achieved a strong growth in both service revenue and customer base in 2023 while consistently improving efficiency and EBITDA performance, and are aiming to turnaround to growth and profitability in 2024. The key driver is to continue to deliver highly relevant, engaging, and user-friendly products and services, delivered through a streamlined and efficient value chain, by a skilled and motivated workforce. This involves fostering a collaborative working relationship, exploring global and local partnerships and industry best practices, and uplifting digital capabilities in leveraging cutting-edge technology for maximum benefits. This will enhance the company’s efficiency in designing and creating innovative products and services, derived from understanding of customers’ insight, and delivering more value and a better future for all stakeholders.”

“We believe that with our company-wide transformation, we will be “Your Everyday Living-Tech,” enriching the daily lives of customers, and empowering businesses to transform and grow sustainably, and being at the forefront alongside the robust Thai society. We are committed to drive Thailand’s digital economy development to be on a par with other countries worldwide,” Mr. Manat said.