FTSE Removes CPF, HMPRO, IVL and SCGP from Large Cap Index

The new FTSE rebalance will be effective at the closing price on March 15, 2024. There is no addition for the Large Cap Index, but CPF, HMPRO, IVL and SCGP were deleted from the index and moved to the Mid Cap instead. Meanwhile, there is no deletion for the Mid Cap.

As for the FTSE Small Cap, there is no addition, but KEX, RABBIT, RAM, SAMART and WORK were deleted from the index.


In addition, 19 stocks were added into the Micro Cap; BOFFIC, BTSGIF, CIMBT, COCOCO, IMPACT, KCG, KEX, LHFG, MALEE, PIN, PSP, RABBIT, SAMART, SAV, SEAOIL, SKY, SCAP, WPH and WORK.

35 stocks in total were deleted from the index; AKS, B, BIG, BKD, CEN, CMR, CWT, DDD, ECL, FSX, GGC, GRAND, HYDROGEN, IRC, IT, KBSPIF, LPH, MSC, MST, NWR, PAP, PEACE, RBF, SCM, SO, SQ, SVT, TEGH, TFM, TH, TK, TRITN, TRUBB, VNG and WICE.