Gulf Binance Digital Asset Forum Sets the Scene for Digital Asset Disruption in Thailand

The Gulf Binance Digital Asset Forum facilitates a new chapter for Thailand’s digital landscape, marking a pivotal moment in the nation’s digital evolution. This event, spearheaded by Gulf Binance in collaboration with Gulf Innova and Binance, convenes forward-thinking minds and pioneering figures to reshape the future of digital assets in Thailand.

Fostering Innovation and Collaboration in Thailand

The discussions held by executives from Gulf, Binance, and Gulf Binance, alongside prominent Thai blockchain experts – aims to foster innovation and collaboration in Thailand’s digital landscape. Focusing on education, user-centricity, and regulatory compliance, the forum aims to showcase Binance’s global expertise and Gulf Binance’s position as the leading Thai digital asset platform, and spark meaningful dialogue on innovation, regulation, and emerging trends in the digital asset space.

Nirun Fuwattananukul, CEO of Gulf Binance, stated that Thailand has strong demand in digital assets, ranking 10th overall inGlobal Crypto Adoption Index. Gulf Binance aims to drive a widespread adoption of digital assets in Thailand through Binance TH with a large ecosystem from Binance, while also having a strong partner with AIS, a leading mobile and telecommunication services in Thailand.

He added that Thailand can easily adopt to new technology due to tech savviness and access to financial products.

With the company being well-equipped in technology and ecosystem, Gulf Binance aims to be the number one platform in Thailand not just in terms of trading volume, but also first in overall ecosystem of digital assets.

Additionally, Mr. Nirun believed the most important thing for cryptocurrencies in Thailand right now is the understanding of its real value as people tend to only use it for speculation and making profit, while the real value of digital assets is far beyond that.

Richard Teng, CEO of Binance, praised Gulf Energy Development PCL. for its leadership in infrastructure in Thailand, while Binance is a leading technology and blockchain provider as this should synergize well on building Gulf Binance and its platform in Thailand.

The CEO touched on the volatility of digital assets such as Bitcoin, saying that the bigger the market capitalization is the more volatility there is, and such new asset tends to be volatile.

Meanwhile, the fact that Thailand is ranked 10th in crypto adoption is a good sign, but he pointed out that even at 10th, the usage is only about 10% around the market, which shows that there are more rooms to grow in the market.

He noted that Gulf Binance and Binance is user first and user focus aiming to provide the best service to users.

As for the Bitcoin halving, he believed that there will be price adjustment afterward. He noted that Bitcoin usually reaches a new high around six months or more after the halving, but this year is different as ETFs have boosted demand for digital assets.

A Stellar Lineup of Industry Leaders

The Gulf Binance Digital Asset Forum boasts a distinguished lineup of industry leaders, offering attendees unparalleled access to expert insights and thought-provoking discussions. Attendees will have the privilege of hearing from:

  • Richard Teng, CEO of Binance: As the leader of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Mr. Teng brings a global perspective and a wealth of knowledge on the evolving digital asset ecosystem. His insights will be invaluable for attendees seeking to understand the future of cryptocurrencies and their impact on the global economy.
  • Rachel Conlan, CMO of Binance: Leading the marketing and branding efforts at Binance, Ms. Conlan brings a unique perspective on the evolving landscape of user adoption and mainstream integration of digital assets. Her insights will be crucial for understanding how the crypto industry can reach new audiences and foster broader understanding.
  • Nirun Fuwattananukul, CEO of Gulf Binance: Mr. Fuwattananukul spearheads the joint venture between Gulf and Binance, bringing together their expertise to create a seamless and user-friendly experience for Thai users exploring the world of digital assets. His leadership will be crucial in establishing Binance TH as the leading platform for Thais in the crypto space.
  • Sanjay Popli, CEO of Cryptomind: A prominent figure in the Thai blockchain industry, Mr. Popli’s expertise lies in blockchain education and adoption. His participation will offer valuable insights on how to bridge the knowledge gap and empower individuals to participate in the digital asset space.
  • Yudhono Rawis, CEO of Tokocrypto: Leading one of Indonesia’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Mr. Rawis brings a regional perspective to the forum, allowing for collaborative discussions on the future of digital assets in Southeast Asia.
  • Vishal Sacheendran, Head of Regional Markets at Binance: Overseeing Binance’s strategic initiatives across multiple regions, Mr. Sacheendran offers a comprehensive understanding of the diverse challenges and opportunities within the global crypto market. His insights will be beneficial for attendees seeking to understand the global context of Thailand’s digital asset ambitions.

This panel promises insightful discussions that address pressing questions about driving innovation, navigating regulations, and shaping the future of the crypto industry. Through their expertise and diverse perspectives, they will inspire and empower attendees to actively participate in shaping Thailand’s future to be the leading digital asset hub.

The Gulf Binance Digital Asset Forum brings together Web3 visionaries and innovators united in achieving this ambitious goal. Through strategic collaboration and visionary who are dedicated to creating a future where blockchain technology and digital assets play a central role in driving Thailand’s economy. The forum paves the way for a future where Thailand stands at the forefront of global digital innovation, echoing the Thai government’s agenda and aspirations to promote digitalization and innovation of the digital asset space.