AIS Care+ with AppleCare Service, First in Southeast Asia in Collaboration with AIS and Apple

  • Customers can now enjoy double the protection with AIS Care+ and AppleCare Services when they purchase an iPhone from AIS
  • iPhone owners who enrolls to AIS Care+ enjoys exclusive AppleCare services which includes unlimited repairs at authorized Apple service providers and retail stores worldwide

Bangkok, Thailand – AIS, Thailand’s leading mobile network operator, takes AIS Care+, a protection service that helps take care of customers’ smartphones, to the next level with enhanced AIS Care+ with AppleCare Services; a program first of its kind in Southeast Asia. This service, besides the benefit of allowing the customer to Switch or Replace their device for any reason, no questions asked, now delivers AppleCare service advantages such as unlimited Apple-certified repairs and replacements with genuine Apple parts of their iPhones, , covering any issues such as a shattered display, waterlogged phone, spoilt speaker, mic, or battery life..  The repair service also includes global coverage at all Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers worldwide and 24/7 Priority Access to Apple Support for Apple-related technical and software issues.

Saran Phaloprakarn, Head of Mobile and Consumer Products at AIS commented, “On top of offering the best network, AIS is also prioritizing service with end-to-end customer care. We are now rolling out the innovation of AIS Care+ in collaboration with bolttech, a leading global embedded protection company. Customer care is now in a brand new service format which includes replacement or repairs, the first such differential in Thailand. It is set to transform the customer experience, to give customers both confidence and convenience in the best service in recent times to protect their smartphones.

“On this occasion, we are taking service to a new level with Apple, the well-known global smartphone manufacturer. Together we are launching a new service, AIS Care+, with AppleCare Services. Customers get twice the level of care from both AIS Care+ and AppleCare Services, which addresses customers’ pain points. Customers can be completely without worries if their device is not functioning, has a shattered screen, or has water damage. There is no limit on the number of times a device can be brought in for repair.  Customers are also entitled to assistance from Apple Stores around the world, at very special prices to access the best service.”

Baldev Singh, CEO, Southeast Asia, bolttech said, “This is an exciting collaboration for us to be a part of as AIS and Apple are both valuable partners of ours. We look forward to working together and expanding our embedded  protection program capabilities in Thailand and beyond as we offer consumers more choice, convenience and access to protection for their valuable devices.”

AIS Care+ with AppleCare Services brings together the best of customer care from AIS and Apple, reassuring customers with a convenient care program that offers complete protection. The program offers a choice of term; either a monthly renewable term up to maximum 48 months or a 12-month upfront term. If a customer is provided with a substitute AIS Care+ device as part of Switch or Replacement, the device will be an Apple Manufactured Guaranteed Device. If iPhone owners can also enjoy 24/7 technical and software support service from Apple specialists via For customers who prefer convenience of door-to-door service, they may also enjoy complimentary pick-up and delivery service, be it for Device Switch, Replacement or Repairs as part of AIS Care+ benefit. AIS customers who have purchased any model of iPhone can apply for the AIS Care+ with AppleCare Services immediately after buying a new phone or within 30 days thereof, with no need to verify the phone condition. Packages to choose from include both monthly and 12-month packages. The latter enjoys an extra month of protection for free. Customers may apply for the service at any AIS-authorized shops and retailers such as AIS-Telewiz Shop, Jaymart, TG Fone,  iStudio  (COPPERWIRED, SPVi and UFicon).