SPRC Reports $110 Million Net Profit in 1Q24 with Higher Refining Margins and Stock Gains

Mr. Robert Dobrik, CEO and Director of Star Petroleum Refining Public Company Limited (SET: SPRC) reported a net profit of US$110 million in Q1/2024. This is an increase compared to US$36 million in Q1/2023 and is driven by higher refining margins, stock gains from higher average oil prices and includes results of the new fuels marketing business acquired on 3 January 2024.

The utilization rate for the crude intake in Q1/2024 was 167 thousand barrels per day, or equivalent to 96% of its refining capacity, which was higher than the prior quarter. The market gross refining margin in Q1/2024 was US$8.31/bbl compared to US$6.36/bbl in Q1/2023 due to significant decreases in crude premium with higher margin from shifting of product from Euro IV to Euro V. Additionally, SPRC improved margin capture through the Bottom-Line Improvement Program (BLIP) optimizing the fully integrated refining and marketing value chain across the enterprise.

“SPRC is poised to capture significant growth and strategic value chain opportunities. The company will continue to maximize utilization while monitoring market conditions to optimize enterprise margins. Our capital management will continue to explore future opportunities for shareholders through our 2026 Turnaround & Inspection (T&I) plan and beyond,” said Mr. Dobrik.