Investment Association of Thailand Has Officially Launched to Facilitate Knowledge Sharing and Networking for Investors

The Investment Association of Thailand (IAT) held an official launching ceremony on May 29, 2024, with the primary goal of disseminating investment expertise and strategies to investors.

Originating from a group of like-minded traders who seek to share their experiences and equip Thai investors with comprehensive knowledge about both Thai and foreign companies, the nonprofit organization was spearheaded by Mr. Tiwa Shintadapong as President and Mr. Weerachai Sreepayak as Vice President and Secretary.

The overarching objective is to establish a platform for investors to engage with each other and leaders, who will instruct and exchange investment concepts and tactics through social media platforms and occasional gatherings.

A notable outcome of forming the association is the opportunity for enhanced visibility, facilitating interactions with companies on both the domestic and international fronts through a company visit.

This initiative aims to provide investors with deeper insights into business operations before making investment decisions, with a specific focus on Thailand and neighboring companies in Vietnam and China.

Mr. Tiwa commented, “The association is resolute in becoming a hub for information and knowledge exchange to level the playing field for all investors and ensure they can benefit from the IAT’s objectives.”