Thai Electronic Stocks Rally after Nvidia Surpasses Microsoft as the Most Valuable Public Company

On Wednesday at 10:51 AM (Bangkok time), the share price of Delta Electronics (Thailand) Public Company Limited (SET: DELTA) jumped by 7.50% or THB 6.00 to THB 86.00, with a trading value of THB 1.82 billion.

The share price of Hana Microelectronics Public Company Limited (SET: HANA) rose by 5.41% or THB 2.50 to THB 48.75, with a trading value of THB 645.55 million.

The share price of KCE Electronics Public Company Limited (SET: KCE) increased by 2.33% or THB 1.00 to THB 44.00, with a trading value of THB 222.97 million.

The surge in electronic stocks’ prices was driven by a positive sentiment seen in foreign markets following Nvidia’s ascent as the most valuable public company globally. Nvidia, renowned as a tech powerhouse and AI chip manufacturer, witnessed a 3.6% increase in its stock value on Tuesday, pushing its market capitalization to $3.34 trillion, outstripping Microsoft, presently valued at $3.32 trillion.

In tandem with Nvidia’s success, other chip manufacturers experienced notable upticks in their stock prices. Qualcomm Inc, Arm Holdings, and Micron Technology saw their shares rise by 2.20%, 8.60%, and 3.80%, respectively. Additionally, the Philadelphia SE Semiconductor Index achieved a historic high at the close of Tuesday’s trading session.