ITC Joins the Annual “20th CITIC CLSA ASEAN Forum” in Jakarta, Indonesia

(Left to right) Mr. Weerawit Keeratikulset, Director of Accounting and Finance of i-Tail; Mr. Pornchai Tatiyachaitaweesuk, Chief Commercial Officer of i-Tail; Mr. Pichitchai Wongpiya, Chief Executive Officer of i-Tail and Ms. Neroli Goldman, Head of Investor Relations of i-Tail.


i-Tail Corporation Public Company Limited (SET: ITC), one of the world’s leading pet food manufacturers, participated in the “20th CITIC CLSA ASEAN Forum” in Jakarta, Indonesia. The forum, hosted by CITIC CLSA Securities, brought together leading companies from Southeast Asia and institutional investors from around the world, providing a platform to help enhance confidence in i-Tail’s world-class pet food manufacturing business.

Pichitchai Wongpiya, Chief Executive Officer of i-Tail Corporation PCL, remarked, “We are delighted to have engaged with 12 institutional investors at the forum. With the global pet food market expecting an average annual growth rate exceeding 6 percent from 2023 to 2029 and given the growing trend of pets being treated and cared for as family members, supported by their owners’ purchasing power, ITC attracted significant investor interest and received positive feedback. The company discussed its operational results and outlined its business plan centered around the ‘Pet Centric’ concept, emphasizing innovative pet food formulations and sustainable practices. This demonstrates ITC’s commitment to showcasing its growth potential, improving credibility, and fostering confidence among international institutional investors in the pet food sector, particularly ITC shares.”