Energy Absolute CEO Clarifies Share Sale Amidst Shareholding Restructuring

Somphote Ahunai, Chief Executive Officer of Energy Absolute Public Company Limited (SET: CEO), disclosed information regarding the share sale of EA through the Stock Exchange of Thailand for further clarification.

The CEO wrote that on 1 July 2024, Sotus & Faith #1 Limited sold 14,690,000 shares during the ATC period to 1. Mr.Chaiwit Arunnetthong and 2. Mrs.Siriluk Arunnetthong which are shareholders restructuring within the same group. This does not affect EA’s shareholding and the CEO still holds shares in the same proportion as before. This type of shareholding restructuring may happen again in the future to be flexible and appropriated basis

In order not to affect the share price on the main board and retail investors, trading will be done through the Big Lot board or ATC price only because if it was truly a Force Sell, the sale of shares must be done through the Market Matching system.

Mr. Somphote said that he will inform to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) including Sotus & Faith # 1 Limited and 1. Mr.Chaiwit Arunnetthong and 2. Mrs.Siriluk Arunnetthong voluntarily belongs to the same group. This would be the same events as occurred in many years ago that the CEO transferred EA shares from his name to Sotus & Faith#1.

He confirmed that the Forced Sell process has been completed as previously announced while there are no more stocks at risk of being forced sell. He said that he also would like to ask retail shareholders and investors to discretionarily receive information. In particular, such information is presented in a way that is likely to create misunderstandings and create confusion.