Boris Johnson Narrowly Escape Vote of Confidence Raised by His Own Party

The UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday narrowly dodged the vote of confidence, raised by lawmakers from his own party.

211 Conservative Party lawmakers (59%) voted in the PM’s favor, while 148 voters were against him.

The vote of confidence came amid increasing dissatisfaction in Johnson’s leadership. The report from senior civil servant Sue Gray stated that many of the gatherings held at Downing Street and Whitehall during Covid-19 lockdowns over the last two years should not have been allowed to happen.

However, concerns on Johnson’s leadership continued to mount as the 148 figures were worse than the result of a similar vote, though different issues, faced by former Conservative leader and Prime Minister Theresa May in December 2018.

A total of 317 Conservative lawmakers were able to vote at the time. The result showed that 200 MPs (63%) put their trust in May while 117 MPs voted against her. Still, May resigned from her position six months later.

Johnson will be protected from another vote for the next 12 months after a win yesterday. However, there have been reports that these rules may be changed.

Still, Graham Brady, chairman of the 1922 Committee told reporters earlier Monday that while it is technically possible for rules to be changed, the rule at present is there would be a period of grace before another vote takes place.