Iran Denies Allegation of Funding Russia with Drone Supplies

Ambassador Amir Saeid Iravani, Iran’s permanent representative to the United Nations, denied Western allegations by the United Nations that drones were supplied to Russia for use in Ukraine.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has taken a clear and consistent position on the situation in Ukraine which has been pronounced since the start of the conflict,” the Ambassador said. “Iran has consistently advocated for peace and the immediate end to the conflict in Ukraine”.

At the U.N. Security Council meeting where the United States, Britain, and France raised the implications of Iranian arms transfers to Russia.

Under the U.N. Security Council resolution, the transfer of all items, materials, equipment and goods and technology from Iran to another nation are prohibited unless receiving an approval by the council, which would be case-by-case.

The European Union said earlier that it would impose sanction on Iran over its action on supplying military equipment to Russia.