Republicans Just Few Steps Away from Taking House as Democrats Flip Pennsylvania Senate Seat

As the results of U.S. midterm elections drawing near, the Republicans are now expecting to take control of the House of Representatives. However, the Democrats are about to come out on top in the Senate after flipping a key Pennsylvania Senate seat, pushing the lead ahead of the Republicans that polls showed probability of taking control of the Senate as well.


U.S. Election Results 2022 (On Going)
Senate (51 to win)
DEM 48 (Gained 1)
REP 47 (Lost 1)
House (218 to win)
DEM 173 (Flipped 3)
REP 198 (Flipped 9)
DEM 21 (Gained 2)
REP 24 (Lost 2)

*As of 3:20 AM EST