Japan Could See Early Election as No-Confidence Motion Challenges Kishida

Japan could see an early election as Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is considering calling for one if the opposition submits a motion of no confidence to parliament on Friday, FNN reported, citing sources close to the matter.

The opposition Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan is considering filing a no-confidence motion before the current parliamentary session ends on June 21. This is seen as an opposition to a bill aimed at securing funds to boost Japan’s defence capabilities.

Still, it remains uncertain that the motion will be submitted. Meanwhile, Kishida told reporters on Tuesday that he would carefully assess the situation in deciding when to call the election.

Popularity of Kishida has recovered to 43% after the meeting of Group of Seven after plunging to as low as 30% in late 2022.

However, given the relatively weak support for opposition parties, Kishida’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party would remain in control of the parliament.