Biden Secures Democratic Nomination for a Rematch with Donald Trump

According to the data from Edison Research reported by CNBC, President Joe Biden had won enough delegates—at least 1,968—to secure his place as the Democratic Party’s nominee on Tuesday, posting the first potential rematch for the US presidential election in nearly 70 years.

Donald Trump was also expected to settle as the Republican Party’s nominee after missing only 139 additional delegates to reach the requirement of 1,215 on Monday, while his place for the party’s nomination could be stated as predetermined after his only remaining rival, former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, lost 14 out of 15 primary elections on Super Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the general election this year had received less attention, as both possible candidates were unpopular among the majority of voters. A number of voters for the Democratic Party showed frustration toward Biden for his support for Israel’s war in Gaza, while on the other hand, the fact that Trump was charged with a large amount of criminal charges could also send a negative perception to the suburban, well-educated voters.