Donald Trump Found Guilty of Felony Charges in Election-Influencing Scheme

In a historic ruling, former President Donald Trump was convicted of felony crimes by a New York jury on Thursday. The verdict found him guilty on all 34 charges related to a scheme aimed at illegally influencing the 2016 election through a hush money payment to a porn actor alleging a sexual encounter with him.

Trump remained stoic as the jury’s decision was announced, with cheers echoing from outside the courthouse. Following over nine hours of deliberation, the courtroom on the 15th floor revealed the verdict. An incensed Trump denounced the trial as rigged and disgraceful, vowing that the true judgment would come from the people on November 5.

Sentencing was scheduled for July 11 by Judge Juan Merchan, shortly before the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, where party leaders are expected to officially nominate Trump for the presidency. Despite the conviction, GOP members maintained their support for Trump.

The legal repercussions mark a significant moment for Trump, potentially leading to prison time in a city where his media exploits propelled him from a real estate mogul to a reality TV personality and eventually president. As he eyes a return to the White House, voters are faced with evaluating their tolerance for Trump’s unorthodox conduct.

Trump intends to appeal the verdict, as he grapples with the aftermath while planning his campaign activities. Although there are no upcoming rallies, he is set to visit Trump Tower and attend a fundraiser, with his campaign capitalizing on the verdict to garner support and framing him as a “political prisoner.”

The charges of falsifying business records carry a maximum sentence of four years for each count, but it remains unclear whether imprisonment will be pursued by prosecutors or imposed by the judge. Despite the conviction, Trump remains undeterred in his White House aspirations.