AIS Promotes Aunjai CYBER Course as a Lesson for Youth

AIS entered into a MOU with the Ministry of Education with the objective of incorporating content in the Aunjai CYBER course for students at schools affiliated to the Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC), covering 245 services area and 29,000 schools nationwide.

Now the company has teamed up with Samsenwittayalai School to fully implement Aunjai CYBER as one of the school’s courses. It is targeted to be the country’s first prototype school in which students at every level, the teaching faculty and educators have all learned the Aunjai CYBER course and tested their level to achieve 100% digital skills in this second term of the 2022 school year.

Saichon Submakudom, Head of Public Relations at AIS remarked, “It is a crucial step for us to extend the Aunjai CYBER course to educational institutions. This has been achieved through a partnership with Samsenwittayalai School, by incorporating the course into its normal curriculum, with instruction and activities to promote digital skills.

The target is for modern kids, who have grown up in the online world, to use the tools of technology as part of their lives, so they are aware of cyber-threats all around us. It will help them to negotiate the digital world for a quality experience that is safe and creative.

“The success of leveling up the Aunjai CYBER course has arisen from three key coordinators which are

1) Students themselves, who have interest in learning digital skills,

2) Samsenwittayalai School, which has provided good support for the program

3) Parent Teacher Associations, who have been a crucial force in making young people aware of cyber threats.

Finally, this would not have been possible without the cooperation of OBEC, whose Office of Secondary Education Area 1 has seen the benefit of learning digital skills. We sincerely hope that the Aunjai CYBER course will become a key motivator to accomplish the target of building Digital Citizenship in the future.”

Thanom Boonto, Deputy Director of The Secondary Educational Service Area Office Bangkok 1, spoke about expanding the course to OBEC-affiliated schools. “Instilling awareness among the youth about online media is part of OBEC’s core mission to make a lesson for children which will upgrade the Thai educational sector to have a body of knowledge keeping up with changes in the world of technology.

The Aunjai CYBER course by AIS Is aligned with the concept of our Safe Schools program, which is a core Ministry of Education policy. Thus, we have a target to support every school around the country to incorporate the Aunjai CYBER course, and use it to develop digital skills and digital smarts for children. Samsenwittayalai School is the first prototype in the country to fully implement the course.”

Prajuab Intrarachot, Director of Samsenwittayalai School added, “Samsenwittayalai School prioritizes the promotion of cyber-immunity, and we have started by implementing the Aunjai CYBER course in the classroom since the second term of the 2022 school year.

Our target is for our student body of over 3,000 kids from M1 to M6 to complete the course and test their knowledge 100% by the end of February 2023. This will stimulate teachers to adjust their plans and incorporate it into other subjects such as computing science and guidance activities.”