AIS Brings Back ZTE 5G Home WiFi amid Surging Demand

  • AIS caters to gadget lovers with popular 5G device for portable WiFi
  • Backed by popular demand, “ZTE 5G Home WiFi”
  • The service provider delivering unlimited digital experiences

AIS can no longer withstand demand, and is bringing back “ZTE 5G Home WiFi”, the portable 5G terminal device which quickly sold out after proving a hit with customers. AIS is now continuing its partnership with ZTE and catering to IT gadget lovers to fulfill every lifestyle use case of 5G at anytime and anywhere. The rerelease of ZTE 5G Home WiFi provides 5G service through a device which is both affordable and maximally efficient. AIS Is offering the device to customers at the exclusive price of only 8,490 THB, which can be paid off over 10 months at 0%. As stocks are limited, customers should hurry to preorder their device, only available between 15 – 31 May 2023.

Saran Phaloprakarn, Head of Mobile and Consumer Products at AIS said, “Our previous rollout of devices to exploit the capabilities of the 5G network in partnership with ZTE were extraordinarily popular with customers. ZTE 5G Home WiFi in particular was found to support the use cases of the customer segment into IT gadgets who had higher than usual requirements for their network, whether high speed or low latency, or the capability to connect to the Internet anywhere and anytime. This segment includes gamers, editors, event producers or even freelancers who want to Work from Anywhere and require a high level of flexibility.

“Today, we have brought back ZTE 5G Home WiFi In response to popular demand which illustrates our ongoing commitment to deliver the best possible digital experiences over 5G devices. It is also validation for our partnership with ZTE as an End-to-End service provider, from developing resilient 5G digital infrastructure to delivering the best possible end-user experience.”

ZTE 5G Home WiFi is a portable and user-friendly WiFi router device. Customers can just insert a SIM with an Internet package to connect at any time from any location to unlock 5G signals which can be either AIS 5G SA or NSA. The resulting service combines both power and low latency. The innovative cutting-edge Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ X62 chipset supports Dual Band WiFi6 on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, with support for up to 64 devices.

Mao Junyong, ZTE Thailand deputy CEO noted, “ZTE is an acknowledged expert in developing 5G tech with world-class innovation, in terms of both network equipment and consumers’ smart devices. We have previously collaborated with AIS to deliver digital experiences on the AIS 5G network with the ZTE 5G Home WiFi router, which has been extremely popular. We are therefore continuing this collaboration with the return of the ZTE 5G Home WiFi device, which we are confident will meet users’ needs and level up the experience of fast AIS 5G.”

AIS subscribers will receive an exclusive discount of 1,000 THB on the ZTE 5G Home WiFi device, reduced from 9,490 THB to only 8,490 THB, from today until 31 May 2023. The purchase can be made at the AIS Online Store, for more information visit . The device can also be obtained from participating AIS Shops and Telewizshops. Please hurry because stocks are limited.