AIS Fibre Wins Prestigious Stevie Awards in 2023

  • AIS Fibre’s proof of excellence – the only Thai company to win prestigious Stevie® Awards in 2023
  • Highlighting status as No. 1 Thailand Home Internet Service Provider


AIS Fibre has underlined its leadership of fixed broadband in Thailand with its mission to expand its home internet network coverage. At the same time, AIS Fibre is constantly improving quality with innovations in home internet to provide the best possible service to its Thai customers. The company is once more showcasing its capabilities to impact the home internet market by winning a prestigious global prize, the “Award for The Innovative Use of Technology in Customer Service -Telecommunications Industries” at the Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards 2023. The company is the only home net provider in Thailand to win the award, and was selected from contenders in 29 Asia-Pacific countries. The globally-renowned Stevie® Awards from the USA were founded in 2002 to recognize excellence in technology, marketing and customer service. The award for AIS Fibre is another demonstration of the company’s commitment of providing service to international standards.

Sunee Rojanaolarnrat, Head of Fixed Broadband Marketing Unit at AIS commented, “Winning this Award for The Innovative Use of Technology in Customer Service-Telecommunications Industries from the Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards 2023 highlights the Mission of AIS Fibre’s ongoing commitment. We ask questions by constantly establishing new standards in the market and delivering them to customers. These include innovations such as AI-enabled routers to enhance capabilities in signal transmission with Smart WiFi. This can allocate user speeds in line with widely different consumer use cases. Also, we have launched high-quality products such as “1 Gbps Every Room” for the first time in Thailand. This is a fibre optic cable system delivering lightning-fast 1 Gbps Internet to every room in the house.

“This also includes our commitment to provide the AIS Fibre service, and we remain the first operator to guarantee customer service to troubleshoot within 24 hours. Today is another key step of implementing Intelligent Service, in which AI is deployed as another assistant to remedy customer service issues on a continuously proactive basis.

“It is yet another reason AIS Fibre has won this Award For The Innovative Use of Technology in Customer Service – Telecommunications Industries at the Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards 2023. AIS Fibre is the only Thailand home internet service provider to have its name proposed among 10,000 nominees in 29 Asia-Pacific countries. Prospective winners are screened by a panel of professionals with a range of expertise from all around the world. This year’s success is a great source of pride for AIS Fibre, and it will be an inspiration for our teams to persevere with their work of providing the best possible home Internet to our Thai customers.”