AIS, ZTE and MediaTek Firstly Verified 5G RedCap at 2.6Ghz in Southeast Asia

In August 2023, Thailand’s mobile operator AIS (Advanced Info Service), ZTE Corporation (ZTE) and MediaTek accomplished the first collaborative validation of 5G RedCap in 2.6Ghz in Southeast Asia. This milestone signifies the further expansion and application of RedCap technology in the global market, ushering in new possibilities for the development of the global cellular Internet of Things (IoT). At the same time, this collaboration will further promote the development of RedCap global ecosystem and provide the foundation for the global commercial deployment of RedCap.


RedCap: Bridging the Future

RedCap, short for Reduced Capability, sometimes referred to as NR Light, is an innovative technology in the 3GPP R17 standard, which obtains the advantages of low-cost and low-power by reducing terminal complexity and inherit 5G unique capabilities such as larger bandwidth, network slicing, and low latency, providing a highly cost-effective cellular IoT solution.

The RedCap validation was successfully completed at the AZ Innovation Center in Bangkok through the close collaboration of AIS, ZTE and MediaTek. The tests were executed under AIS’s commercial 5G spectrum TDD (Time Division Duplex) 2.6GHz, including the test cases such as network access, mobility, and voice services. The comprehensive mobility tests were conducted, ensuring that RedCap technology offers users smoother communication experiences. The First Call for VoNR services validated RedCap’s ability to provide users with clearer and more natural calling experiences. The throughput test outcomes consistently achieved theoretical peak values. The downlink rate of a single user in TDD network can reach 163Mbps using 20MHz bandwidth. In addition, based on ZTE’s NodeEngine solution which is the industry-only computing power base station, it can provide RedCap users with an end-to-end low latency experience of about 10ms.The test verified the compatibility of MediaTek’s forthcoming RedCap platforms with ZTE’s wireless systems for AIS 5G commercial spectrum and paved the way for RedCap deployment in commercial 5G network.


Tripartite Collaboration Shapes Future Prospects

The success of this testing hinges on the close collaboration of the three parties. AIS, a leading Southeast Asian mobile operator, contributed ample network resources. ZTE, as a leading communication solutions provider, provided an end-to-end testing environment. MediaTek, as the world’s largest smartphone chipset supplier, supplied its highly efficient RedCap platform for use during the test. The collaboration of the three parties not only achieved success at the technical level but also laid a solid foundation for deeper cooperation in the 5G realm.


Outlook for the Future

The collaboration between ZTE Corporation, MediaTek, and AIS is not merely a validation of innovative technology; it serves as a vivid example of international cooperation in the communication domain. This successful testing establishes a sturdy foundation for the application of RedCap technology in Thailand and charts new pathways for the global development of 5G new technology. In the future, the three parties will continue to deepen their collaboration, exploring more innovative applications to offer users more convenient, efficient, and intelligent communication experiences.