AIS Accelerates Its Mission Towards Becoming a HUB OF E-WASTE for the Environment

On this crucial day for global environmental matters, International E-Waste Day on October 14th, AIS is leading the charge for a Thailand without e-waste. They emphasize their commitment to being the first telecommunications service provider to give significance to the electronic waste issue, with the goal of proper e-waste management, aiming for zero e-waste to landfill to HUB of E-Waste, and advancing towards becoming a HUB OF E-WASTE, the first of its kind in Thailand. Over 190 public and private organizations have joined hands to drive sustainable solutions for e-waste problems. Their objective is to raise awareness about the importance of recycling e-waste correctly.

Ms. Saichon Submakudom, Head of Public Relations and Business Relations Unit at AIS, said, “Under SDG Goal 13 for sustainable development, which addresses urgent action on climate change and its impacts, aligns with AIS’s commitment to environmental sustainability in promoting proper e-waste disposal. We began the Thai Without E-Waste project in 2019 by working with partners from all sectors to create sustainable solutions for e-waste problems. Today, we are the first organization in Thailand to join the International E-Waste Day under WEEE Forum (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), an international association that collects electronic waste data and has members from various global agencies. The WEEE Forum’s main website includes activities and work done by AIS from Thailand, as well as contributions from organizations worldwide.”

She continued, “We take this special opportunity, as the world acknowledges the e-waste issue on International E-Waste Day this year, to declare AIS’s readiness to become the HUB OF E-WASTE in Thailand. Today, various public and private organizations, over 190 in number, have become part of the HUB in various capacities, including knowledge, network support, new idea exchange, collection points, and transportation, even recycling. This will drive efforts to create awareness among the Thai population regarding the impact of e-waste and provide them with the means to dispose of it in a truly sustainable manner, free from waste and landfill through Zero e-waste.”

AIS’s commitment to becoming a HUB OF E-WASTE reflects their determination to develop sustainable solutions for e-waste issues, with various sectors coming together to expedite problem-solving efforts. They’ve established different hubs to support this mission:

  • HUB of Knowledge: A knowledge center that gathers information, articles, and research related to the environment and e-waste, providing updates from various organizations, including the Pollution Control Department, Department of Environmental Change, and Thai Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (Public Organization).
  • HUB of Community” is the central hub of the Green Community network, aimed at creating awareness about environmental issues and fostering participation in waste management, E-waste, and the exchange of ideas to address these challenges. This collaborative effort is designed to promote sustainable environmental cooperation, involving groups such as Green Phaholyothin, the Thailand Business Council for Sustainable Development (TBCSD), and the ARI Innovation District, among others.
  • HUB of Drop Points: A cooperative center that expands e-waste drop-off locations, totaling over 2,500 locations nationwide.
  • HUB of Transportation: A center for managing e-waste in collaboration with Thailand Post, receiving

e-waste and tracking its status through Blockchain technology using the E-Waste+ app, ensuring that every piece of e-waste is delivered to a certified recycling facility.

  • HUB of Circular: A center for e-waste management and recycling with the primary goal of managing e-waste correctly, without resorting to landfill or zero e-waste.

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